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Quality Control Overview:

Orchestrated® quality control for beverage manufacturing eliminates the spreadsheets and paper logs used to track batch QC metrics. Orchestrated® provides a central hub for capturing raw material attributes, production QC and fermentation logs as purchasing and production occurs. System-generated batch numbers are assigned to each production order for simplified trace-ability of any problematic batches.

A comprehensive list of quality metrics track every aspect of the batch, from mash data at brewing to volume fills and air tests at packaging. Captured metrics are linked to the appropriate production order, tank or batch for a 360-degree view.

Orchestrated®’s quality control allows you to spend less time maintaining spreadsheets of data and more time ensuring consistent quality of your beverages.

Quality Control Capabilities:

  • Batch management
  • Batch Trace-ability
  • Quality control metrics
  • QC reporting
  • Fermentation logs (for breweries)
  • Yeast scheduling (for breweries & distilleries)
  • Barrel management (for distilleries)
  • Raw material attributes