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Meet Customer Success

Kait Crider
Kait CriderLead Customer Success Manager - Enterprise
Lida Wells
Lida WellsLead Customer Success Manager - OnDemand

About Orchestrated

Orchestra was founded in 2008 by a team of former software consultants who were frustrated with the old way of selling enterprise software.

As we’ve expanded into various industries, we’ve recognized the importance of standardization – from the chart of accounts, to the process flow of information, it all needs to be familiar. We started in the craft beer industry with the launch of OrchestratedBEER, which soon evolved with advancement of the spirits industry with OrchestratedSPIRITS. Through this evolution, we’ve perfected what is known as the Orchestrated platform.

Our Software

Orchestrated empowers breweries & distilleries to make the best business decisions, through an all-in-one solution, delivering a single source of the truth.

An Orchestra typically has a lot of moving parts – woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion and so on. Individually, they carry a decent tune and can function alone, but bring them all together with the help of a seasoned conductor and you have all the pieces (or departments) working together in harmony to produce beautiful music.

An Orchestra is the perfect metaphor for the departments (or people) in your business and the software is the conductor, helping all the other sections communicate effectively to create beautiful music – aka profit. Thus, the term “Orchestrated” was born.

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